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Farm Brewery  

Now Open
Thursdays 12-8pm
Fri & Sat 12-10pm
Sundays 10-8pm

*Unfortunately, pets are not able to join in on the fun unless they are legitimate service animals, due to our insurance company. 

Please give your family member a hug for us. 

Photo By: Rob Nabity

Food Truck Schedule


7/4:  Noble Beast

7/5:  Santacos

7/6:  Tipsy Cheese

7/7:  Kely's Crepes & Burgers

7/11:  Pancho Villa BBQ

7/12:  Bacon Mania!

7/13:  Tortas Chilangas

7/14:  Staq & Cream

7/18:  Noble Beast

7/19:  Hernandez Pupuseria Tati

7/20:  Thai Chic Street Food

7/21:  Kely's Crepes & Burgers

7/25:  Phat Jerry's Phillies

7/26:  Staq & Cream

7/27: Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza

7/28:  Outlaw Cuisine

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